Thursday, March 20, 2014

DIY: Storage Solution for your Washitapes

My collection of washitapes is ever growing. These versatile little craft helpers are great for decorating gifts or pretty much anything else around the house (I sometimes have to stop myself from washi-tapin' my entire appartment). Since my love for these little rolls is also known within my circle of friends, I got a huge stash of gold ones gifted a couple of weeks ago. With about 10 new tapes, my old storage solution was definitely too small know. That's why I came up with this quick, easy and cheap DIY for a washitape holder to make in about 10 min. 
All you need for this is a brass or copper rod and two pliers or pipe tongs. I bought my threaded rod in the hardware store for about 3€. My rod was about 5 mm in diameter. I recommend one with less width, since the 5 mm one was really hard to bend.

You start off bending the closure hook. When this is done, bend the rest into a circle. The hook needs to "look at you". So you hold the rod with the hook facing you and bend the rest to the side, as you can see in the picture. To hang up your washitape holder, you need a large hook at the end that should look like the one from regular clothes hangers. And you're done!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pastel Delight: Alex Proba's 'A Poster A Day' Project

One of the blogs I follow with great anticipation is Miss Moss by Diana. She has incredible taste and always finds the most unique graphic designers, home interor decoration pieces or fashion items.
She's done so again the other day when she featured the work of Alex Proba, a German graphic designer who now lives in New York. Proba's private project that she works on every night before she goes to bed is "a poster a day". She has made it her goal to create one poster each day for one year. She uploads each poster she'd made to her tumbler. I must really say I love all of them! The colors she uses, the mix between photos, textures, graphic elements and pastel hues are stunning. How good would a collection of these look on my living room wall!

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

DIY: Feather floor lamp

I've been on a lamp making rut lately.I think by now there is no lamp in my appartment that I haven't crafted, altered or DIYed in any way. It's fun and I have new ideas coming up all the time. Which is why me and my partner opened up our own little lamp webshop on called Kunstlichter
The lamp I'm presenting here today is one of my "cozy lights" (that's what I like to call them). It's placed in the living room next to the couch and is meant to dip the room in a nice glow instead of lighting up the space brightly.
The whole lamp is made by me but if you wish to try your hands on this one but you're not sure how to do the lamp stand, you could also use a floor lamp you already have and just DIY the lampshade.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures while making it. But I think with a little explanation and the pictures you'll figure out how to make one yourself.

What you need:
  • White lampshade (or alternatively two lampshade rings and thin white paper)
  • a white bulbholder
  • 3 white feather boas
  • a glue gun
  • a cement stone (I stole mine from the construction site on the street....oops)
  • 2 wooden poles
  1. Take your lampshade and a glue gun and start glueing your feather boas around the lampshade. Leave about 5 cm space between the rounds
  2. Attach the bulbholder to the lampshade
  3.  For the stand I mixed some concrete with water and cast the concrete inside one of the wholes of my stone. Don't forget to stick one of your wooden poles in first. I then let this dry for a couple day
  4. Next I took a shorter piece of the wooden pole and attached it with a pipe clamp to the long pole. Because the pipe clamp doesn't look really pretty, I covered it up with some raffia
  5. Wind the cord of the bulbholder around the poles and attach it at the end of the short pole with a piece of wire

Here are some suggestions which kind of feather boa to look for and which kind of lamps you could use to make this DIY:

1. Arch lamp  2. Floor lamp  3. Ceiling lamp
Image Map

To give you a better picture of the lamp, here are some more close-up and detail pictures for you...

Please don't hesitate to comment here if you have a question about one of the steps.


P.S.: All pictures are my own. Please don't use them without linking to my site and give credit. Thanks
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